ASC Treatment offers a range of treatments that cater to different ailments and conditions. Our stem cell’s pluripotency allow for extra potent treatments of joint and cartilage damage, while providing other benefits such as full body rejuvenation. We enlist the help of doctors and specialists to cater to your conditions such as:

Osteoarthritis treatment

Osteoarthritis Treatment*

Osteoarthritis is characterised by damage in the cartilage and joint tissue that leads to bone grinding on bone. This results in mild to severe pain, exacerbated by inflammation in the joints that could get worse over time if osteoarthritis treatment is not sought. Conventional methods of osteoarthritis treatment merely act to block pain or to slow tissue deterioration. The existing damage to the joint is not addressed.

With stem cell therapy osteoarthritis treatment is possible as cartilage and joint tissue can be regenerated through direct injection of stem cells into the target joint. Stem cells can regenerate any lost tissue, restoring the layer of cushioning between the joints that prevent grinding.

Sport injury treatment

Sports Injuries Treatment*

Sports injuries are often unforeseen, and may lead to major inconveniences due to tears, ruptures, or other types of tissue damage. Though sports injuries may involve areas of the body such as muscles or the hamstring, some cases involve damage to the joint similar to osteoarthritis. Once afflicted, sports injuries may cause a variety of inconveniences. Doctors often recommend rest and rehabilitation as sport injury treatment for milder cases but severe sports injuries may require surgery.

Rehabilitation allows the body’s natural healing mechanism to repair injuries. With stem cell sport injury treatment, this healing process can be hastened, allowing months of convalescent times to be reduced drastically. Stem cell treatments thus allow you to treat your sports injuries quickly and naturally.

Chronic pain treatment

Chronic Pain Management*

Chronic pain is characterised by pain that has lasted for longer than 6 months. The chronic pain may be caused by injury or lesions putting pressure on a nerve, though some forms of chronic pain may persist even after an injury has healed. Chronic pain management may be the hardest to achieve with conventional medicine, as the underlying mechanics that cause pain are difficult to identify.

Stem cells are able to elicit chronic pain relief effects in patients, though this may be an effect of the stem cells correcting the underlying disease process itself. The anti-inflammatory effects of stem cells such as mesenchymal stem cells, coupled with their regenerative effects could help with chronic pain management by addressing the pain pathway.

cosmetics therapy


The regenerative properties of stem cells can also confer aesthetic benefits. Facial imperfections such as wrinkles, sunspots, and scars, or other symptoms of ageing may be reversed through a facial stem cell injection.

We utilise sophisticated equipment for various forms of facial stem cell injection, such as subcutaneous injections or skin needling. Subcutaneous injections allow stem cells to penetrate the lower layers of the skin; and the spread of stem cells can be more evenly distributed through skin needling, where micro-channels are created on the skin’s surface. The combined effects of both types of injections allow stem cells to comprehensively penetrate the skin to reverse any signs of facial imperfection.
n. Depending on your requirements, you may choose to undergo:

Full body rejuvenation therapy

Full-Body Rejuvenation*

Most of our treatments are done intravenously, and this allows for the stem cells to travel to most parts of the body via the bloodstream. The bloodstream acts as a highway that provides stem cells access to most parts of the body. As the cells patrol the bloodstream, they can swiftly move towards the damaged sites of the body that requires repair. This effectively confers a form of full-body stem cell rejuvenation.

Full-body rejuvenation treatments have resulted in unexpected health benefits in the past. The immune system can be reinforced, and the symptoms of chronic conditions were improved, making full-body rejuvenation the most versatile form of stem cell treatment.