Autologous Stem Cell Treatments

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment (ASC Treatment) is an international company that facilitates autologous stem cell treatments between doctors and patients. We enable patients to pursue treatments using our unique, pluripotent stem cells. We also work with a panel of highly skilled, qualified doctors who oversee all treatment procedures.

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment aims to provide only the best in service and stem cell quality. Our protocols and procedures are constantly reviewed and improved to meet and surpass regulatory requirements.


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Stem Cell Accessibility in Australia

Our mission at Autologous Stem Cell Treatment is to revolutionise stem cell treatments as a primary healthcare procedure. Accessibility is key to achieve this goal.

We are currently based in Australia, with a branch in Singapore; but ASC Treatment aims to make the services and stem cell products accessible not only geographically, but also economically. Ultimately, we wish to establish a stronger presence for stem cells not only in Australia, but internationally; and to provide affordable, quality stem cell treatments.

Safety Standards

We prioritise patient safety above all else at Autologous Stem Cell Treatment, and have multiple measures and affiliations to maintain our impeccable track record for safe, effective treatments.

Over 300 treatments with our product have been administered to date, and none have had adverse effects arising. We also have sample testings, patient assessments, and insurance policies in place to safeguard all procedures from any incidents.

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