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Welcome to the official ASC Treatment website. If you’re here, you’re probably looking into what stem cells and regenerative medicine can do for you. Our website offers accessible information about what stem cells are, and will guide you through the various types of stem cells in the market today. We will also introduce our novel stem cell product that’s a cut above the others. Discover the regenerative potential of stem cells and see for yourself what our trademark stem cell can do for you.


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The stem cell therapy offered by ASC Treatment is peerless, boasting lasting efficacy and unrivalled safety. ASC Treatment aims to provide accessible, safe stem cell treatments for all those who need it.

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Patient Testimonials

Jake, 59 yrs old*

“Prior to treatment with ASCT getting out of bed was a challenge every morning and Winter was the worst and being in the building game my movements were very much affected. Since having the stem cell treatment all the pain has gone even during Winter. Work wise I can now keep up with men 20 to 30 yrs younger than me. Thank you to the team at ASC Treatment for making it all possible…”

Juliana, 66 yrs old*

“Before I had my treatment with ASC Treatment, I was living with constant pain from my knees, I lacked energy and was feeling depressed. Less than 4 weeks post treatment all the pain is gone and I have the energy I had when I was in my mid 40s. I can now get out of bed easily, spend the whole day at the shops walking around and still have extra energy to play with my grandchildren. I would not hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone.”

Willie, 52 yrs old*

“Both my wife and I have suffered from joint pains in the past. A sport injury in my shoulder affected my sleep and dampened my passion for golfing; while my wife’s tennis elbow made looking after our 3-year-old son a challenge. We decided to undergo stem cell treatment to rid ourselves of the pain, and to my surprise, my wife’s pain disappeared 3 days after treatment. My shoulder also made a 95% recovery 4 months post-treatment. I now spend my free time golfing and my nights sleeping soundly.”

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